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We our passionate to convey your story because every person holds a tremendous amount insight, experience and ideas to share.

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We are pool of experts who pay extensive attention to detail. Which fortunately works in our favor and has made us the lead among all. We offer our detailed services for high end corporate videos to simple social media video productions.
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We believe that the expertise is polished with passion therefore, our company is made up of not only the professionals and experts of the field but people who are passionate about video production.

We utilize the best and latest technology

We utilize the best and latest technology in video production, we accompany the technology with the top of the line non-linear editing machines to always provide the quality video production, every time.

Our dedicated and energetic team

Our dedicated and energetic team take prides in producing and delivering high class corporate video production services.

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The creative process is enough for no one, no one produces videos and then puts them on a golden support and hides it in the cellar. Our final enjoyment passes through the judgment that the user will express on our work .

But the final judgment, and here is the bad news, unfortunately, will always and only be a subjective judgment .

If you are looking for objectivity, I pass the number of a colleague of mine who manages online sponsorship campaigns. Numbers, numbers and numbers (then even there you could think about the objective, but at least there are numbers to read ).

Of course, the subjectivity of judgment can be supported by experience .

A filmmaker knows when a video doesn’t work, he hears it, and if he’s good he knows what to change to give him back sprint (here lies the real distinction between professionals and amateurs).

But we are already entering the mannerism, the artisan art of video production fueled by constant work: change that passage, speed up there, slow down there, change music …

We all know the suspended feeling we experience at the precise moment we show our customer our point DEF version of the video.

For example, I am terrified of media that I cannot control. The maxi screen of the client’s meeting room or the projector of the conference room. I look at everything with annoyance and calculate every possible problem. That window is left open, will a ray of light enter and reflect on the screen? Those speakers seem to have had better days, will they be able to play the splendid sound we put on at minute 2? They will all have turned off their cell phones, I knew the CEO’s ringing, but what does it do? No I don’t believe it, he’s answering, what do I do still? Continuous? But above all, I took the latest version of the video from the archive ???

Video is an object of entertainment and the reasons why it may or may not touch the strings of the soul are many.

It can tickle your personal urge .

It can reawaken your dream from when you were a child .

It can have been shot with the backgrounds of your favorite color, or (it happens I swear to you) it can be played by an actor or an actress who makes you crazy and that’s it.

But you may also not like it. On the day of the meeting it was raining and as any good home seller knows, the weather affects the buying process, or it’s Monday and you get bogged down (mark it, never show customers a video on Monday), the color we used as background irritates you, the actress or actor (it happened I swear) you just don’t like them, maybe because he “looks too much like our former commercial boss whom I hated by the way”.

In short, you will have understood, we are within the scope of the subjective and I do not want to romance it, there are a thousand more strategic considerations that go beyond the “I like, I do not like”, but they are and still remain considerations made in the context of a science (marketing) imperfect , surprising (in the sense that it often gives surprises) and very little objective.


If you are accustomed to the subject of video communication, surely you already know this video.

He is Mark Levine, co-founder of Dollar Shave Club , a Californian company that bases its business on subscription sales of shaving razors. We are in 2012, the Business Model is winning , the idea of ​​the online subscription service is attracting the interest of several BIGs, Mike has a beautiful face and everything is fine, but his life definitely turns out after the release of this one. Corporate . The numbers are important ( 25Ml views on Youtube with more than 200k shares on Facebook) , but above all the brand image that the video transmits is a bomb. In 2016, Uniliever buys the whole hut for $ 1 billion …
$ 1,000,000,000

How to build a Corporate Video
This premise to tell you about the genesis of our latest work for Lionard Luxury Real Estete , the first brand in Italy for the sale of luxury properties. When we started collaborating with the company, we immediately realized that the founder of the brand, Dimitri Corti, could be the voice and guide of a narration through images that convey the exclusivity of the services offered.

We have chosen to focus on a format with Voiceover to give the video a more international presence. The video production was divided between the main office in Florence, in Via Tornabuoni 1 and some of the most incredible villas and castles of the company’s boundless portfolio .

After several meetings / interviews with Dimitri, we wrote down a copy that did not just tell about the company but that aimed at a specific marketing objective , in this case, enhancing the scope of the external recruiting activity. The great strength of this new current of Corporate Video lies in their flexibility, in their ability to point towards different calls to action that are not limited to Brand Awareness , but rather incorporate it.

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To ease the editing, we also offer a tailored and robust studio with equipment combined with experts operating them. 

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In addition to this, we also provide a large range of variety on the desired formats, production techniques, and any other way you would wish the production to be processed.

Tamim Joyardar

 Our office is always open for our customers to see the progress of their videos and the whole team works perilously to ensure timely and quality delivery. 

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