Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos

A staggering 90% of consumers who recall reading or watching an online review say they have influenced their purchasing decision.

The fact is, about 40% of your potential customers choose to go through reviews about your brand before making a final decision whether or not they are going to conduct business with you.

What can you do? Produce an impactful customer testimonial video that will boost your online marketing efforts. A first class video will create an emotional appeal for your brand and get your message across.

Aside from enhancing your online visibility, investing in a Testimonial Video Production service will generate more sales and boost conversion rate, as testimonials aid in building business credibility.

1 Minute Media has years of practical experience in Testimonial Video Production. So far we have helped hundreds of businesses in Sydney and Melbourne film customer testimonials that would serve as a compelling proof of the quality of your products or services.

We are a team of online marketing experts who understand the value of referrals. Thus, we make sure that testimonial videos we produce have the power to engage the viewers and earn more positive word-of-mouth.

Get your loyal clients to vocalise their problems from the past and express in which way you were a part of the solution – and we will be at your disposal to film a narrative that will motivate others to choose you as a reliable solution to their troubles.

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