Training and Educational Video Production

Training and Educational Video Production

Is your hard-working team finding it difficult to set aside the time to read dozens of pages of yet another training booklet? And even when they do, there’s not much they really remember?

1 Minute Media has an effective solution – thanks to our years of experience, we have perfected our training and educational video production service to the point where we can film a motivating, engaging and instructive educational concept that will help your people soak in the knowledge they need to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

A training and educational video will enhance the learning experience. We will help you demonstrate procedural activities in great detail and from different angles, adding experiential value in employees’ understanding.

1 Minute Media is a corporate production company in Sydney and Melbourne which specialises in filming out-of-this-world cinematic experiences that serve as an effective educational material.

How we manage to do that? We follow a proven process:

First we define educational objectives, decide on the pedagogic approach and determine the context of use of the video, all before getting down to scripting and storyboarding. Once we have all these aspects in place, we finally get down to producing training and educational video.

Regardless of the nature of the training material, 1 Minute Media will produce video content that will not just engage, but help those who watch it retain the information with ease.

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