If you are accustomed to the subject of video communication, surely you already know this video.

He is Mark Levine, co-founder of Dollar Shave Club , a Californian company that bases its business on subscription sales of shaving razors. We are in 2012, the Business Model is winning , the idea of ​​the online subscription service is attracting the interest of several BIGs, Mike has a beautiful face and everything is fine, but his life definitely turns out after the release of this one. Corporate . The numbers are important ( 25Ml views on Youtube with more than 200k shares on Facebook) , but above all the brand image that the video transmits is a bomb. In 2016, Uniliever buys the whole hut for $ 1 billion …
$ 1,000,000,000

How to build a Corporate Video
This premise to tell you about the genesis of our latest work for Lionard Luxury Real Estete , the first brand in Italy for the sale of luxury properties. When we started collaborating with the company, we immediately realized that the founder of the brand, Dimitri Corti, could be the voice and guide of a narration through images that convey the exclusivity of the services offered.

We have chosen to focus on a format with Voiceover to give the video a more international presence. The video production was divided between the main office in Florence, in Via Tornabuoni 1 and some of the most incredible villas and castles of the company’s boundless portfolio .

After several meetings / interviews with Dimitri, we wrote down a copy that did not just tell about the company but that aimed at a specific marketing objective , in this case, enhancing the scope of the external recruiting activity. The great strength of this new current of Corporate Video lies in their flexibility, in their ability to point towards different calls to action that are not limited to Brand Awareness , but rather incorporate it.